ARTIST. The story behind.

Besides painting education, she also studied Fashion Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. She draws the fabric patterns by combining Art and Design principles and she also has a men's accessories brand that she prepared on natural fabrics such as silk.


"Drawing is a meditation for me. It is a rhythmic expression of my feelings with music.

It doesn't matter if I have my eyes open or closed, I draw with my right or left hand. What matters is that I convey and complete with my own unique line.

I can use both hands while drawing. My heart and brain create the basic form. Although my hands seem to be just a tool for this job, pattern (drawing) emerges on paper moving and dancing with music. It doesn't matter which pen, paint or color I use. I use whatever material I please for that moment.

Painting is a very spontaneous act. Expressing what's accumulated inside is very instantaneous. The painting is finished when it is finished. Every second makes it older. Emotions continue to change. Change and development begin."


  • Scarf in silk twill. (100% silk).

    Great for every season, it keeps you warm and very classy. This skinny silk scarf will add a great touch and impact to any outfit.


    Designed by Burcu Yildiz

    Measures 59" x 5,5" ( 150 x 14 cm)